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Donate NOW to Help Alexandria Students Afford College

The Kids in Your Community are Counting on You...Now More Than Ever.

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The need for college scholarships among families that struggle financially here in Alexandria has simply never been greater in our 34-year program history than RIGHT NOW.

  • Your support is needed now more than ever to provide college scholarships for local students with financial need. With COVID, COVID-economics and the challenges posed by virtual learning for low-income students in Alexandria, we expect a sharp rise in the need for college scholarships among Alexandria students.

  • We provide scholarships through all four years of college and have already seen a sizable uptick -- a 25% increase -- in applications for renewal scholarships for students applying for support for their sophomore, junior, and senior years. This is good news because it shows that our students are continuing on to complete their degrees, but it also shows great need among our students.
  • Given the nationwide reckoning over racial inequity and injustice and the need for us all to stand up in support of that effort here in Alexandria, we are working to do BETTER for Black students and families. Each year the vast majority of our scholarships support Black students in Alexandria. We are looking for ways to expand that financial support and provide even greater college advising and access to Black students. Your financial gift will help make that support possible.

The work of providing scholarships and college advising to low-income students in our community has simply never been more important. Thank YOU for providing this critical support.